Thing 7A Getting into an RSS Feed Reading Habit

Discovering the world of blogs and developing an RSS Feed reading habit has been an interesting new experience. I am still exploring blogs and websites trying to find ones that really resonate for me. This week I read many interesting thoughts from a variety of educators, media specialists, etc. It is all a bit overwhelming but I am starting to get the hang of “reading” my new RSS feed postings. I will definitely be eliminating a few in the weeks to come that are not especially interesting to me.

One posting that I found especially interesting this week was at Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk blog, and was actually a summary of a posting by Penelope Trunk on her blog. The posting is called, “Hardass View of Reading.”  Penelope says, as quoted by Doug Johnson,

…If I tell people I’m a blogger, they say, “I don’t have time to read blogs.”

Here’s what I am going to start saying to those people: Only losers say they don’t have time to read blogs. Because everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. So it’s not that you somehow are more busy than everyone else – no one is actually too busy for anything – the issue is that reading blogs is not high enough on your priority list to read them.

So the real response, when I say, “I’m a blogger,” should be “I stay away from blogs so I can shield myself from alternative opinions to mainstream media.” …

and she offers (and explicates) three ways to “a grip on your reading pile”:

  • Stop talking about information overload. That term is for weaklings.
  • Stop talking about good and bad media. Just because you don’t read it doesn’t make it bad.
  • Stop talking about time like you need to save it. You just need to use it better.

Follow the link from Doug Johnson to Penelope to get further details on this. My reaction to reading blogs is similar-how do you find the time? Penelope’s comment is, find the time-it’s important to expand your horizons by reading other people’s blogs and other helpful websites. Penelope goes on to say that the “best employees in today’s workplace are information synthesizers.” She talks about being able to process information online quickly. That is what we need to think about as we are teaching our students-how to make them efficient finders of information online, able to sort through and process that information once they find it!

Another interesting website that I discovered from my blog reading was from the School Library Journal blog- Joyce Valenza had a link to Judy O’Connell’s “Hey Jude Blog” to a posting about a great website called NeoK12. NeoK12 is a listing of free educational videos from all over the internet on a variety of subjects, from science to history, etc. This will be a good resource to share with the teachers at my school. The only downside I saw to the videos after viewing one of them is that not all of those videos seem to have an age rating yet, which means teachers will need to view the videos and make that decision for themselves. It sounds like many are short youtube videos that might be good lead ins for teachers for lessons. It is worth checking out NeoK12 since all of the lessons and videos have been screened by K-12 teachers. : So, here’s the link to the actual NeoK12 website.

I have been reading postings about technology in education, about new Jewish books and other children’s books coming out, media centers and technology and, for my own enjoyment, the latest New York Times Book Reviews. All in all, the world of RSS reading is opening new windows for me and it should be interesting to continue reading my RSS Feed in the weeks to come as I progress through this class.

2 thoughts on “Thing 7A Getting into an RSS Feed Reading Habit

  1. Doug Johnson is one of my gurus who I follow all the time. I love to read his blog. In fact, I often send his blog link to the department when something resonates for me. I particularly loved the blog that you reference here. I agree that using our time better is critical.

    As far as videos in the classroom, teachers should preview any video they plan to use. Not everything is appropriate and in many cases the whole video isn’t necessary. Using a small clip is generally sufficient.

    Glad that you have good feeds coming into your RSS feed. As time goes by, you will only want to keep some of the most outstanding blogs because it is hard to keep up with everything.

  2. I’m glad I logged on to your blog because I JUST wrote about the feeling of being overwhelmed by the information. I appreciate Penelope’s attitude about using your time well and It made me reflect on how I’ve wasted time just today. However, I think there is a balance to be found where you simply use your time well to allow all sorts of experiences and information into your world. Thanks for the links!

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