Jul 15 2009

Thing 7B Royalty Free Music for Schools

I am sure that our technology instructor already knows about royalty free music websites but this was new information for me. I learned a lot about creative commons as it applies to music from Judy O’Connell’s blog post, “Good sounds-royalty free to schools.”

The post addresses the realm of royalty free music online. Judy discusses the fact that when our students are creating productions via podcast, video, etc. they need to be introduced to ideas about creative commons, royalty free images and sound bites. She talks about Soundzabound Royalty Free Music which licenses the music at their website with unlimited rights for education, superseding fair use restrictions. They provide music with  ”education approved content in a searchable database” with a web-faced interface.

Judy emphasizes that if our students are adding music to their productions that is royalty free then they “can share their magic creations” on the web via YouTube and other venues. She also included a very useful school list of websites for productions, creative commons and music. As I begin to put some of the ideas I am learning about Web 2.0 into practice with my students, this will be very useful information for me.


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  1.   Patty Nathanon 15 Jul 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Royalty free music rocks! Glad you now know about it so you can guide students in the right direction.

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